Saperavi - the King of Georgian Reds

    June 16, 2020

    Meet the most popular Georgian red grape!

    Daria Kholodilina

    Everyone who has ever dealt with the Georgian wine, would know either Mukuzani or Kindzmarauli. Both are two sides of a multidimensional medal of Saperavi grape variety.

    Saperavi is one of the oldest Georgian varieties. While many red grapes would have red skin and white flesh, it has dark skin and dark flesh, that’s why Saperavi wine is usually dark ruby, almost black. “Peri” means “colour” in Georgian, so as you see, the name of the grape suits it very well.

    Saperavi grows well - and it is the most planted red grape in Georgia, and particularly, in Kakheti region. Napareuli, Bakurtsikhe, Mukuzani, Kvareli, Khashmi, Akhoebi are considered to be especially good for growing it.

    As for 2020, the wineries prefer putting only Saperavi on the label, without inventing any extra names for it. Alazani Valley, Pirosmani etc. are drifting into the direction of “bulk wines for Post-Soviet countries” for a decade or longer.

    What is your favourite kind of Saperavi?